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SkinPen is a state-of-the-art device for treating fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scars on the face, neck and decolletage. More than a basic needling therapy, this precision device can be tailored for individual skin concerns and is suitable for almost every skin type.
Also known as collagen induction therapy. This is achieved by the mechanical action of microneedles that create microchannels in the skin, initiating the wound-healing response in the skin.

This, in turn, stimulates the histamine response, which produces new collagen and elastin cells and begins the rebuilding and restructuring of the skin’s supporting matrix.
It’s never been easier to love the skin you’re in. Backed by an unparalleled commitment to safety and efficacy, this is a TGA Approved device (the only micro-needling device approved for medical-grade application in Australia)

LONGEVITY: 3 months
DURATION: 15 - 45 minutes

Why use it?

SkinPen is clinically proven to fight the appearance of neck wrinkles and reduce the appearance of acne scars. In fact, 90% of subjects in the clinical trial would recommend the treatment to friends and family. It’s a minimally invasive procedure performed in-office with little to no downtime. As the first TGA-approved microneedling device, SkinPen sets the industry standard for safety.

Unlike some alternatives, SkinPen has been clinically proven to be effective for women and men with all Fitzpatrick Skin Types I – VI. Likewise, unlike lasers or chemical peels that can damage skin over the long term, SkinPen treatments, when properly spaced and overseen by Dr. Amy Chahal, can be used for years.

Why choose SkinPen?

  • Target skin’s natural collagen without heat or chemicals. Reduce the appearance of aging for more youthful-looking skin.
  • Ease the appearance of facial acne scars for total skin renewal.
  • 94% of patients noticed an improvement in how their fine lines and wrinkles looked at one month post-treatment.
  • 80% of patients said they noticed an improvement in acne scars in the treated area at one month post-treatment.
  • 90% of patients said they would recommend SkinPen treatment to family and friends at one month post-treatment.

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