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and science, applied with the precision of medically trained hands.

We take self care to the next level.

It's time to forget what you think you knew about cosmetic treatments and partner with passionate doctors and clinicians who can help you achieve your dream aesthetic and skin

After over a decade in the medical industry, we’ve intentionally created a space where our patients can feel safe, welcome and understood.


Together, we create a comprehensive plan to achieve your aesthetic goals with a practical, evidence based, safe and effective approach.

We care and wish to educate you and empower you in your journey

A personalized experience

We thoughtfully consider your unique background, features and requests before providing you with treatment or advice.

Dr Amy Chahal
Dr. Amy Chahal

Cosmetic Doctor

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Jess Venter

Dermal Therapist

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Treatments for all your aesthetic needs.

Your aesthetic treatments are a journey, and it takes a dedicated team to make it happen

We proudly stock and use these premium medical grade skincare brands:

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