Medical grade LED light therapy – perfect post treatment to expedite and encourage the healing process. Also essential in a skin maintenance program – promotes the development of new collagen and elastin. Can be also be used for acne and hair loss. Perfect as a bespoke facial add – on for that golden hour glow!

DURATION: 10 - 60 minutes


Immediate results

— Long term results

— Dramatically improve skin luminosity

—Plump scar tissues

— Stimulates collagen

— Smooth fine lines

— Short procedure, 10 minutes to 1 hour

Why choose Healite II?

Ageing, sun, acne and busy lifestyles are not kind to our skin. The natural regeneration of skin cells and collagen slows down causing wrinkles, pigmentation, age-bumps and a decline in youthful plumpness and glow.

Healite II is the most powerful office LED device available. Book as an add-on to your procedure or as a package of 10 for stand alone treatment. It’s a great reason to pop in and say hi!

Services & Prices

Starts from $60

$60 add-on $120 45 minute treatment with serums $750 Package of 10



Book in for your consultation with Dr Amy Chahal to discuss your aesthetic goals.



Get your natural, individualised results in a safe, welcoming and private environment.

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