Hair Restoration Procedure

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Four of every five men experience some degree of hair loss as a result of the natural ageing process. For women, that number is still high: about 50%. It is rare that any cosmetic condition is so ubiquitous, but, unfortunately, hair loss is an overachiever and is consistently one of our patients’ most common aesthetic concerns.
There are many approaches to hair restoration, surgical and otherwise, but we have found that mesotherapy, a series of injections that stimulate hair growth, is an effective and reliable method of rebuilding hair growth without the need for invasive procedures.

Hair Restoration Procedure

Many of our patients are looking to mesotherapy for hair restoration to address the following characteristics:
  • Thinning hair
  • Baldness
  • Patchiness
If you are experiencing any of these conditions and would like to try a minimally invasive treatment option to help combat hair loss, mesotherapy might be worth considering.

Is Hair Restoration Right for Me?

  • What is the cause of your hair loss?
  • Have you done the appropriate amount of research?
  • Do you have realistic expectations?

The first consideration in determining whether hair restoration is a good option is to figure out the cause of your hair loss. Mesotherapy is a great option for hair loss that is caused by androgenetic alopecia, a genetic condition that is closely associated with ageing, but it is not a good option for hair loss caused by other factors like medications, certain diseases or disorders, radiation, or other preexisting conditions.

During your consultation, we will review your condition and goals and determine if mesotherapy is a good fit. However, before your consultation, you should do plenty of research on your own and view plenty of before and after images of hair restoration results.

This will help you build reasonable and realistic expectations about what can be achieved, and prevent you from becoming disappointed in what should be considered a successful treatment. Just remember, mesotherapy is nonsurgical, which means its results will always have limitations when compared to surgical alternatives.

Understanding the Hair Restoration Process

A Consultation with The Centre for Medical Aesthetics

  • Our goal is never to convince you to have hair restoration treatment.
  • We are here for you, even if you aren’t a patient.
  • Make the most out of your consultation time — it’s a valuable resource.

You will consider a lot of factors on your road to hair restoration treatment. There will be plenty of pros and cons, risks and rewards, and advantages and disadvantages for you to consider, but, ultimately, we want you to understand that the decision is yours to make.

We will not try to convince you to have a treatment. We will provide you with all the information we can, and let you know in our professional opinion whether mesotherapy for hair restoration could be useful to you. If it isn’t, we won’t recommend it. We are happy to help you explore other options along the way, though.

Our office always advocates for patients to make the most out of their consultation time. It is a great opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you have. We will thoroughly review each one so that you know exactly what to expect if you decide to move forward.

How to Prepare for Your Hair Restoration Treatment

You will not need to worry about any excessive preparation process for this hair restoration treatment. All the preparation is done in advance after your consultation when we figure out which serums to use and which locations we are targeting. Other than that, we recommend avoiding excessive sun and alcohol in the days leading up to your procedure.

The Hair Restoration Treatment Process

  • Topical or injectable numbing may be applied, depending on your treatment.
  • The scalp is then microneedled and a specialised serum is applied to the area
  • In some cases, oral medication will be given to support hair growth.
  • Each treatment will take about 30 minutes to complete.

If you will be having either a topical or injected anesthetic applied, then it will be done in advance so that it has time to take effect. Once numbed, our skinpen microneedling device will create micropunctions where you are looking to improve your hair quality or quantity. A specialised serum will then be applied. Once those are finished, the procedure is over — the entire process should only take about 30 minutes to complete. You will also be given a small amount of serum to take home to use the same day.

Some patients will also be given oral medication to help bolster their hair improvement, but this is only applicable to some patients. During your consultation, we will figure out what the best plan forward is for your goals specifically.

Hair Restoration Treatment Results

For many of our patients, mesotherapy as improved the volume and thickness of their hair. Of course, individual results will always differ depending on how your body reacts to the treatment. You will also need to consider that hair restoration will always need some kind of maintenance treatment, which could mean additional procedures every six to 12 months.

You Can Trust Us

We know that finding someone in this industry you can trust with your aesthetic journey can be difficult. But, rest assured, we will work every day to continue to deserve your trust in our team.
If you would like to learn more about how hair restoration treatment could help you get closer to your aesthetic goals, give our office a call on (02) 9669 9464 or fill out our online contact form. We are excited to show you exactly the kind of intentional medical care you deserve.

Let’s Talk: Frequently Asked Questions

What Risks Are Associated with Mesotherapy for Hair Restoration?

Mesotherapy for hair loss is generally quick and effective with minimal side effects. However, depending on your tolerance and reaction, you may experience mild side effects such as pain, sensitivity, bruising, redness of the skin, rashes or scratches, dark patches on the skin, itching, and swelling. These reactions are typically temporary and vary from person to person.

Are There Any Post-Treatment Instructions to Follow?

Unlike surgical options, there is no downtime associated with mesotherapy for hair loss. You will be able to continue your usual routine and even wash your hair. We recommend avoiding excessive sun exposure and tight-fitting headwear since it could adversely impact your results. If there are any specifics you need to follow for your unique situation, we will be sure to cover those throughout the consultation and leading up to the treatment.



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