This non-surgical procedure is used to help lift sagging and ageing skin. At the same time, stimulating the body’s collagen production. Over time the threads dissolve and are replaced by your body’s own collagen and elastic fibres.

Thread lifting is excellent for those not ready for surgery & needing a subtle lift. The threads dissolve over three months & stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, creating a lifting and tightening effect.

Minimally Invasive

from $2,200

Thread-lifting is an intermediary procedure for those not needing or wanting a surgical facelift or necklift. A mechanical lift is achieved as well as stimulation of collagen which can help improve skin collagen volume. A thread lift is a type of procedure wherein temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle but visible “lift” in the skin.

Thread lifting is great for those not ready for surgery and needing a subtle lift. The threads dissolve over 6 weeks and stimulate collagen, creating a lifting effect. This procedure does require some downtime generally.

LONGEVITY: 1-3 years
DOWNTIME: 2-7 days
DURATION: 60-90 minutes


Immediate results

— Minimally invasive alternative to surgical procedures

— No incisions or scarring

— Comfortable procedure

— Provides natural-looking lift and tone to the face, jowls, neck and brow

— Stimulates collagen to improve the appearance of lax skin on the neck, arms, abdomen & other areas

— Provides immediate, high-impact results that continue to improve over time as collagen forms around the threads

— Limited downtime

— Quick procedure

— Walk-in, walk-out procedure

— Long-lasting

Typical Treatments

Mid-Face – to redefine the cheekbone contour, firming up the skin and giving a fuller appearance to the cheeks and reducing the nasolabial folds.

Nose – to lift nasal tip, heighten the bridge, slimming of the dorsal ridge, and create the desired side and front profile.

Lower Jaw – to regain definition of the jawline and reduce jowls.

Brows – to open up the eyes and raise the outer edge of the eyebrow.

Eyes – to lift the corner of the eyes creating the popular Cat Eye or Fox Eye look.

Forehead – to stimulate collagen and reduce the appearance of lines on the forehead.

Neck – to give an overall tightening effect including reducing sagging skin under the chin.

Arms – to tighten sagging skin of the upper arms. Particularly useful following weight loss.

Abdomen – to tighten and improve the appearance of lax skin on the abdomen that can appear with ageing, or after pregnancy or weight loss.

Inner thighs – to tighten and improve the appearance of lax skin that can appear with ageing or after weight loss.

Services & Prices

Dr. Chahal is a masterclass trainer in this procedure and is sought out to perform state of the art service in Sydney.

Starts from $2,200



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