Thread lifting is a genuinely unique procedure that is unlike any other on the market. While it aims to tackle many signs of ageing, like fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and volume loss, it is an entirely new approach that combines ideas from nonsurgical and surgical treatments.

Like surgical options, a thread lift aims to lift the skin manually. However, there is no tissue removal, and, like nonsurgical options, thread lifts focus on finding ways to improve unwanted skin conditions in a minimally invasive way while also targeting the root causes.

Of course, because the thread lift requires a fair amount of work to be completed inside the skin tissue, your provider must be extensively trained and experienced in getting the results you want. Dr Amy and the staff at TCMA are second to none and educators in the industry, which means trusting us to be your partner is the first step in ensuring a successful outcome.

LONGEVITY: 1-3 years
DOWNTIME: 2-7 days
DURATION: 60-90 minutes

Why Might Someone Consider Thread Lift?

In cases of moderate skin laxity, wrinkles, and volume loss, many patients find themselves in a problem: they want to improve certain aspects of ageing, but they don’t want to undergo surgery and all of the heavier factors that come with it, like anesthesia and a lengthy recovery.

Thread lifts can provide a solution to this problem. Significant improvements to the following areas can be achieved without the need for surgery:

  • Mid face. Redefine the cheekbone contour, firming up the skin and giving a fuller appearance to the cheeks and reducing the nasolabial folds.
  • Lower jaw. Regain the definition of the jawline and reduce jowls.
  • Brows. Open up the eyes and raise the outer edge of the eyebrow.
  • Forehead. Stimulate collagen and reduce the appearance of lines on the forehead.
  • Neck. Give an overall tightening effect, including reducing sagging skin under the chin.
  • Arms. Tighten the sagging skin of the upper arms. Particularly useful following weight loss.
  • Abdomen. Tighten and improve the appearance of lax skin on the abdomen that can appear with ageing or after pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Inner thighs. Tighten and improve the appearance of lax skin that can appear with ageing or after weight loss.

If any of these areas are places you would like to consider tightening or improving, then a thread lift might be a good choice.

Is Thread Lift Right for Me?

  • Are you experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity, wrinkling, or volume loss?
  • Do you have any preexisting conditions that might be problematic for treatment?
  • Do you have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with a thread lift?
  • Have you done ample research and reviewed plenty of before and afters?
  • Are you looking for subtle results?

If you have found yourself dealing with mild to moderate signs of ageing that might be outside of what other aesthetic alternatives can resolve, then thread lifts could provide you with the level of results you are looking for.

The first factor to consider is your general health. Do you have any preexisting conditions that might not play well with the treatment? The only way to know for sure is to make sure you share your medical history with us during your consultation. This will help us ensure that a thread lift will be both safe and effective.

You should also be well-informed and reasonable about what kind of improvements you will be experiencing. While thread lift is unique and impactful, it is not a replacement for surgery, and you should never assume that you will be experiencing surgical-level changes.

Do plenty of research about what to expect and look at as many before and afters as possible of people similar to your situation. This will help you be as knowledgeable as possible as you consider a thread lift treatment.

Understanding the Thread Lift Process

At our practice, our first and foremost goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident about the decision to have a treatment performed. We won’t encourage you to have anything done that you aren’t ready for or undergo any procedure that we don’t think will ultimately get you closer to your ideal results. – Dr Amy

A Consultation with The Centre for Medical Aesthetics

  • Dr Amy and TCMA are expert thread lift providers.
  • Our goal isn’t to convince you but to help guide you.
  • Make the most of your consultation appointment.
  • Even if you don’t move forward, you can count on us.

You will be at a unique advantage during your consultation process when you book with TCMA. As industry leaders and educators, finding someone in the industry who could provide as much insight as our team would be difficult. This means you are giving yourself access to the best advice and approach to your treatment.

But we want to be clear: our goal is not to convince you to sign up for a thread lift or any treatment, no matter the cost. We will only ever recommend treatments that benefit your overall goals.

If the treatment doesn’t match up, we will not recommend them. We will be happy to discuss some alternatives with you — some of which might not even be a treatment you need to sign up for. If we think something as simple as a sunscreen or topical treatment will push you where you want to be, that will be our recommendation.

Even if you don’t sign up for a treatment, we are still your partner throughout your aesthetic journey and will be around to help you the next time you consider a treatment.

How to Prepare for Your Thread Lift

One of the biggest draws to thread lifts is the correction they can provide despite the relative invasiveness or level of preparation needed. You will not need to worry about going through a pre-surgery checklist or figuring out a proper recovery environment. Most people can continue with their usual routines, and we will make sure to note if there are any specific actions you should take.

The Thread Lift Process

  • This procedure is performed under local anesthetic.
  • It can usually be performed in around 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Tiny “threads” will be inserted into the skin to help lift the tissue.
  • The threads also stimulate the natural healing process, providing benefits over time.
  • Thread placement and technique are paramount in this procedure.

At the start of your treatment, a local anesthetic will be administered to numb the area and reduce any potential pain or discomfort during the procedure. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the next step will be to insert the threads into the tissue based on the kind of result we are looking to achieve.

Someone with an intimate knowledge of the inner structures of skin must perform this step. Placement of the threads is paramount, and the difference between a successful procedure and a failed one is all about your provider’s expertise.

The threads used in this procedure are barbed, which achieves two unique benefits: firstly, it prevents the threads from freely moving in the skin and ensures that the mechanical lift we achieve stays in place. Secondly, the barbs help “damage” surrounding tissue, triggering the body’s natural healing response and flooding the area with collagen, elastin, and other essentials.

This means you will experience both an immediate improvement via the mechanical lift and improvement over time to the inner structures of the skin.

We always advise our patients to avoid going for the most affordable option, especially for a treatment like thread lifts, where command of anatomy is so important. Dr Amy has a wealth of surgical experience and training to draw from, making her a top option for thread lift treatment.

Thread Lift Results

While you will see the mechanical part of the thread lift results immediately, it will take about three months for the final long-term results to show themselves. These improvements will last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years, depending on your unique condition and your skin’s reaction to the thread lift treatment.

You Can Trust Us

Thread lifts are complex, so you need a knowledgeable and experienced team in your corner. We know finding someone you feel comfortable with can be arduous, so we make it our personal goal to earn and deserve your partnership in every interaction.
If you want to learn more about how thread lifts can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, give us a call on (02) 9669 9464 or fill out our online contact form. We are looking forward to giving you the care you deserve.

Let’s Talk: Frequently Asked Questions

What Risks Are Associated with Thread Lift?

Common side effects include minor bruising, swelling, and soreness at the insertion sites, which typically subside within a few days to a week. There’s also a risk of slight bleeding or infection at the needle entry points. Some patients may experience a sensation of tightness or pulling, which usually diminishes as the threads are absorbed and the skin heals.

More significant, though also much rarer, are risks associated with the visibility of the threads under the skin, particularly in individuals with thinner skin. There can be an asymmetry in facial features if the threads are not placed evenly or if they move from their original position. There could be nerve damage in some cases, but these more severe risks are significantly less common when you choose a highly qualified provider.

Are There Any Post-Treatment Instructions to Follow?

For about two to seven days, you will have a subtle recovery. You should avoid excessive sun exposure, harsh skin treatments, and perhaps even activities during this time, but we will go over your lifestyle and obligations to figure out what, if any, changes need to be made after the treatment.

Services & Prices

Dr. Chahal is a masterclass trainer in this procedure and is sought out to perform state of the art service in Sydney.

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