Dr. Chahal uses the best approach based on each individual case to achieve the best aesthetic outcome following the removal process. This can include surgical removal or electrosurgical equipment to create a thermal wound that heals over a period of time.

DURATION: 30 minutes


Immediate results

— Removes unwanted raised moles, skin tags and lesions on face and body quickly and conveniently

— Low risk of scarring

— Minimises bleeding

— Minimal discomfort

— No downtime

Why choose this service?

The removal of moles, skin tags or lesions using electrosurgery will typically result in flat and blended results, especially when post-treatment guidelines are followed. Results vary from patient to patient, depending on the skin tag or mole type, size and location, and they way your body heals.

The skin on the face heals faster than the skin on the body. Moles and lesions removed on the face and neck areas usually recover within one or two weeks. Procedures performed on the back and limbs often take longer to heal.

Services & Prices

Starts from $450



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